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We Empower Entrepreneurial Tax Professionals To Grow Their Practice Without Focusing On The "Business Side" Of The Business

We provide the full suite of technology and systems necessary to manage a CPA firm (a "business in a box") - you focus on growing the practice and capture the upside for yourself

The CPA industry has become increasingly hostile to young, hungry professionals - long hours, time allocations and financially supporting senior partners should be a thing of the past

The problem is that junior partners find it difficult to exist outside of legacy firms

PGP provides the support and systems to establish your own firm as part of our platform:

We provide the access to capital for you to buy-out your existing book of business

We provide the systems to allow you to focus on and grow your core business - you keep the upside

How Does It Work?

Platform is a comprehensive CPA infrastructure provider allowing partners to "hang out their own shingle" and reap the upside rewards

PGP assists you in negotiating a buyout of your existing book of business (if you are a junior partner at a legacy firm) and provides you with access to capital to "throw off the shackles"

We have established a systems infrastructure comprised of world-class providers (and negotiated preferential rates) to provide you with the support you need to run your business

We have established relationships with providers to allow you to super-charge the growth of your business - and keep the upside


You Get a Better Quality of Life and True Financial Upside

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Let us show you what your upside could be:

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