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We Empower Entrepreneurs That Are Building Innovative Ecommerce Brands

Use Data Driven Marketing Solutions to Grow Your FBA Business

The rise of consolidators in the industry (Thrasio, etc.) paying increasingly high valuations has proven the value that entrepreneurs are able to create in their businesses.

The problem is that the consolidators are reaping most of the rewards

The ability to grow significantly beyond your existing capabilities and maintain control; or

Platform helps you to realize the full potential of your business allowing for either:

Significantly and rapidly grow your business before a sale to a consolidator

How We Do It?

Using A Proprietary Analytical Suite Of Tools, We Analyze Your Product Landing Pages, Search Rankings, Relevant Keywords & Historical Amazon CPC Data

PGP then pays for a 3-6 Month advertising campaign and provides capital to support incremental inventory buying.

If the campaign is successful, PGP receives a success fee in proportion to the increased sales.

If the campaign fails, PGP gets nothing, and you have no obligation to reimburse PGP for any money spent.


Either Way You Win

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Let us show you what we have done for clients recently:

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