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What PGP Provides:

Financial Impact To You:

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Unlike legacy firms which provide a salary and the (mostly) future benefit of equity partnership, we allow you to directly benefit from growth in your book of business (you get a salary based on a % of every $ of revenue) and a profit-share based on the profitability of your book

Quality of Life Improvements:

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Become your own boss, focus on growing your business, eliminate time sheets -> PGP allows you to run your business independently on terms that work for you

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Free Yourself From Your Current Firm

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In Negotiation

We have developed a funding platform to allow you to secure an exit from your current firm through (i) access to the capital necessary to acquire your business, and (ii) assistance in negotiating your exit and establishing your new firm with us

Focus On The Clients

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PGP handles all of the back-end infrastructure (HR, payroll, billing, IT, cyber-security) -> you focus on servicing and growing your client base

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Let us show you how the system works:

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