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What We Have Achieved for Clients Recently

Page Views and Conversion Rate

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We began incrementally increasing non-branded page placement on highest converting ASIN-level campaigns. Allowing initial search phrase discovery to occur at low  bid values allows for greater breadth of testing at a lower expense.

Revenue Growth

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By changing primary KPI's from ROAS/ACoS to organic rank, we are assisting in 40% YoY revenue growth with a 4% reduction in ad-spend.


Advertising Efficiency

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Large Amazon seller in North America brought us in to identify and implement an ad-based correlation coefficient to better understand what genuinely drives sales. In the first 30-days we saw a 10% YoY increase in sales while spending 18% less on daily advertising.

Organic Rank Optimization

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Brand launch strategy on Amazon with a low awareness brand. The brand had launched in November of the prior year, and we began using non-branded, organic ranking strategies April 15th with an immediate, dramatic impact.


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